5 questions to Isabelle

Why did you decide to start up a fashion styling agency?

Photo credit: Geneviève Giguère
Hair and make up: Emilie Labellevie

There are several reasons. Of course, I like clothes and fashion. However, it was my desire to help women feel good about themselves and comfortable with their figure that motivated me to start up a fashion styling agency.

I often notice superb women, who pass by inconspicuously, because they don't wear clothes that flatter them, that show them in their best light. Wearing the right clothes, clothes that befit one's figure, in colours that are in harmony with one's complexion can change the perceptions of the people around you... and even your own self-image! Your image is the first impression that you project to the people you meet.

Our image is a reflection of our identity, our personality. I believe that it is indispensable that one convey exactly who one wants to be. In addition, my role, as a fashion stylist, is to help my clients get the most out of what they have in their wardrobe, to either keep, recycle or buy what is necessary; the goal is not necessarily to change the style of your wardrobe from top to bottom, but rather to cultivate it, to find out what suits you best.

What is your favourite style?

There is no one style that I am exceptionally fond of, it all depends upon my mood. A style is made up of a particular wardrobe statement, but also an attitude, a personality. It's possible to “play” with a style, modify it, combine it with another… I believe that it is more important to dress one's figure than to dress in any one particular style. We have to wear what is suitable to our body to be dressed in the best possible light. Obviously, I will favour one style when I dress myself. However, if this style doesn't appeal to my client, it's important to remember that my goal is not to have her dress like me, but rather to define a style for her that will represent who she is, taking into account the various elements that make up her lifestyle.

What mandate presented you with the biggest challenge?

The most formidable challenges are often getting the client to be open to or accept their nature, their body, their physical appearance. Working with a wardrobe stylist is an important step towards embracing our physical characteristics that please us the least, along the path towards greater self-esteem.

A fashion stylist offers you the advice necessary to help you look better, to draw attention to your assets and cover up what might bother you. If a client is inclined to find herself attractive, and people tell her so, then we can help her adopt a style that will suit her to perfection!

What mandate gave you the most satisfaction?

It's pure joy when I see the face of a satisfied client who looks in the mirror during a fitting session and she likes what she sees. It's quite a feat when the client is totally satisfied with her appearance. In these special moments, I get the feeling that I've “hit the ball out of the park”, that I've understood my client's needs and transformed her wishes into a concrete reality. It's my goal each time I meet with a client: fulfil their expectations and create the “WOW” effect that she is looking for!

Can someone be too young or too old to use the services of a personalized stylist?

No, absolutely not! A fashion stylist advises you, will propose clothes to you in keeping with your style, your character, your figure, your taste, but she will also take your age into account. Without ignoring the current trends of the season, she will however choose an approach that will suit your age and your lifestyle. She will take into account all the details pertaining to the challenges of youth and the particularities of ageing. Your fashion stylist will recommend what goes best with your personality and with all the demands made by the kind of life you lead.