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« How many times have I heard my wife complain that she had nothing to wear to go to the office, or ask me if this thing or that matched something else, or if this colour goes well with some other colour? When I found out that a consulting service existed to help people enhance their wardrobe, I immediately offered her a gift certificate for this service. Her initial reaction was one of hesitation, she wasn't convinced that she wanted to let some stranger decide what she should wear, but Isabelle's professionalism and advice instantly earned my wife's trust. » Jacques (Montréal)

« My sister is an eternal vacillator, she's not sure of this, she's not sure of that. It goes right back to her childhood, she never knew what to wear and what went with what. I've got a series of photos that illustrate that her unusual colour schemes and getups! The services of LiLi & CoCo have really helped her develop an approach that matches her personality and her style. Now, she knows exactly what to wear, what goes with what and which colours to choose. Indecision is now a thing of the past! » Sylvie (Anjou)